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Framing Frenzy

My 2018 Where Square Collection will be on display for the entire month of December at The Tomato Head on Market Square in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. Also, my artwork will be on display at the Tomato Head in the Bearden District during the month of January. I will be framing 12 paintings for the show.

Framing can be very expensive. I have learned that I can invest a little bit of time and do my own framing and save a lot of money.

I use the website Framing4yourself to purchase framing supplies. I buy the molding in the size I need, plus I buy the basic acrylic covering instead of glass. I also purchased a Logan Point Driver which easily secures the artwork in the frame. I will use loop hooks and wire for the hanging hardware.

The frames are very easy to put together and the Framing4Yourself website has helpful videos to save yourself from too much trial and error.


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