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Take a Watercolor Class

Private, In Studio, Watercolor Class

Learn some basic techniques and skills in the medium of watercolor.  Class size limited to 2 participants.  A great "activity" to give as a gift to a budding artist.

Supplies are included.   

A four-hour class is $175 and can be booked on Wednesday afternoons from1 til 5 pm.  Additional times may be available upon request.  

Private, In Studio, Watercolor Class Series

A 4-lesson series covering the basic skills needed to get started, and various watercolor techniques. Each class is 2 hours.  Total cost is $350 per person.  Class size limited to 2 participants.  Supplies are included. 

Please contact the artist to schedule.

Learn the Art of Zentangle

These are examples of Zentangle Tiles.

The typical tiles are 3.5 inches square, 

 are easily transportable and can be

completed in a short amount of time. 

Other sizes, shapes and color tiles

are available also.

Intro to Zentangle 

This 3 hour class is offered the last Thursday of the month and on some Sunday afternoons.  

Zentangle is a method of drawing learned patterns for the purpose of promoting relaxation, creativity, and focus.  The cost is $45.  Supplies are included. 


This 2.5 hour class is offered the first Tuesday of  the month.

A Zencore class will expand on skills and techniques learned in a previous Intro to Zentangle Class or other Zencore Classes.

The cost is $35

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