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My Art History

I grew up in Bristol, Tennessee.

Many childhood memories include lying

on my Grandmother's quilts in my backyard

and looking up at the clouds on long summer

days and playing in the woods and creeks near

our home. Both my mother and grandmother

were avid quilters and makers. My Grandmother made hand sewn Barbie doll clothes as you can see from my Christmas day modeling in

about 1966.  I often drew pictures from my

Mom's magazines when I had to entertain

myself and could draw pictures of most

anything from memory.

Like many other creatives, I studied something other than art in college, because art was not something that I thought of as career option. 

My science and business education have

proven to be of great benefit and very much

worthy of my time and effort. My love of

drawing and painting has been interwoven

through the years of work and family life.

My art education has been mostly self study

and adult education. I have had an ongoing

art project on the table most of my adult life. 

Creating art has been a constant for me.

I live and work in Knoxville, Tennessee.

My art studio is located in the Emporium Center

on the 100 block of Gay Street in

  downtown Knoxville.


Photo credit: ALM Photography

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