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Best Laid Plans

(An Unexpected Finish to the first year in my new Studio)

The plan was to celebrate the completion of my first year in my new studio at the Emporium Center during April’s First Friday Event. As we all know, everyone’s plans have rapidly changed due to this global Coronavirus pandemic. Most everyone’s life has had to be altered in some way or another. As for me, I had to cancel several studio classes and I was scheduled to do a show at the Knoxville Museum of Art Gift Shop for the month of April, which will not happen for now.

In order to maintain my painting schedule, I took some commonly used art supplies back to my home and resurrected my home studio. I have an art table set up in a front room of the house and my little dog, which will be 18 years old this year, keeps me company.

I would like to say that I haven’t skipped a beat and have continued to paint as I usually do, but admittedly, I’ve had an artistic slump and have been somewhat less motivated. I have done other things like binge some shows ( I'm an Outlander Fan and I just finished 3 seasons of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.) I've also worked on some home cleaning and renovation projects. The slump I contribute to the lack of certainty of events already planned and the general disappointment surrounding the pandemic.

I do manage to paint some every day. I would feel completely unproductive if I did not. A few things keep me going. I am preparing new art for another market season. I am making the optimistic assumption that the quarantine period will be over by May and the beginning of the Market Square Farmer’s Market 2020 season. Additionally, I was planning to roll out my new logo design for my Where Squares and am trying to fill a wall in my studio with these 12 x 12 inch location painting. My new logo roll-out will have to wait until another month. I also am taking the opportunity to try some different techniques, painting surfaces and subject matter during this time of quarantine.

I hope that this unsettling time of isolation and unpleasant news will be over soon. I thank all of the health care workers for their sacrifices, including my daughter, Laura, who is a nurse at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, my nephew Tanner Blevins, who has been deployed as a paramedic with the Tennessee National Guard and is doing testing for COVID-19. Also, to my other dear friends who work in labs, and hospitals. I wish them all safety and comfort.

Thank you for continued support in my artistic endeavors.

Springtime in Knoxville, Tennessee means Dogwood blossoms aplenty. These are blooms from my new Dogwood tree in my front yard. I'm thankful for the natural beauty found outdoors in the springtime.


Great blog post! I can't wait to see what paintings you create during this quarantine time. Keep doing great things!


Amy Ridge Broady
Amy Ridge Broady
Apr 04, 2020

Beautiful blooms! I'm so sorry you could not celebrate your first year in the manner in which you planned. Can't wait 'til we can hang out to teach and create together again! Stay well!

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