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Art Studio Completed

After a month of work (although, this was so much fun, I can scarcely call it work) my Art Studio at the Emporium Center is up and running.

The Brick Mural was completed and I was very glad to put the tall ladder back in the storage room.

I chose some new furniture pieces from Bliss Home in West Knoxville ( thank you Alison for all of your help.) There was no built in storage in the studio space, so I chose the off white, weathered-wood finish for two larger chest of drawers. An over-stuffed comfy chair and a blue and russet patterned storage bench combined with a leather blue wing-backed chair added to the hominess of the studio. I chose one of my mother's quilts as a color accent textile. Also, I gave "Ruggable" a try. I purchased two of these washable area rugs, and I must say, they stay put on the floor and add some warm colored patterns to the old hard-wood flooring. The rug top is removable and can be easily thrown in the wash.

I ordered and installed an art hanging system by Gallery for display of my framed art.

A final touch was adding a leather-bound Guest Book sits to my Welcome Table.

A view of the brick mural

A place for making art

Studio 110


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