I am a creator and painter of original works of art with emphasis on watercolor cityscapes.

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher and teach this method of drawing for promoting creativity and relaxation. I also teach private and small group watercolor classes in my studio.

My working artist studio and gallery is located in the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee

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Recently Completed Paintings

Sock Monkey

Sock Monkey and Friends

I enjoy designing and composing a complex scene and the challenge of perspective drawing. 

This painting has many objects, but they are all placed in order to draw attention

to the main characters, the sock monkey, Raggedy Ann and the pink bunny. 

My Grandmother made many stuffed friends for young children and when I saw the sock monkey at an antique shop, I thought of her and her talent at doing handwork.  I added the Raggedy Ann and the Pink Bunny to the

composition because those were the 

toys that my children loved and they were hand-made by my grandmother

On Broadway, Asheville NC

This lovely street scene is on Broadway Avenue in Asheville, North Carolina.  I snapped the reference photos while visiting there last autumn with my daughters.  This area of the downtown is flourishing with art galleries, local shops and cafes.  The colorful facade of this novelty shop caught my interest as well as the variety of hanging mobile art in the window as well as in the nearby tree.  The reflections on the sidewalk and the red umbrella add to the interest of the composition.  


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Salvaged 2
Salvaged 1
Fireflies on Market Square
Watching Over
Dublin, Ireland
Budapest Architecture
Thank You For Eating Local, Petes in dow
Love Locks in Budapest
Old City with Banners
Dogwood Banner
Gay Street Southward
Gay Street Looking North
Wall Flowers
On Union Avenue
Verona, Italy
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Urban Posh
Crystals, Stones, and Fossils
Tomato Head - Original has been sold
Charleston, South Carolina
The French Market on Clinch

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