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Mural Progress

The Brick Mural is progressing, but slowly at this point. I laid in the underpainting for the mortar, and the first layer of paint was added to all of the brickwork. The detail is very slow. Each brick is painted with a combination of all of the different colors that I am using. Some are more smooth that others and some are barely there, having been overtaken by the "mortar." The goal is to have each brick be different. The mortar is also painted with a variety of lighter colors moving back and forth from cooler to warmer shades.

Also, the bare wall which borders the exposed brick was laid in with a sponge.

Today, while painting, I was entertained by the sounds of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra members rehearsing for a show. Just on the other side of the wall from my studio in the main gallery.

I sometimes listen to Podcasts while I paint and sometimes I listen to music. What a special treat to be accompanied in my artistic process by some talented musicians.

One of the other artists in the gallery plays acoustic guitar. He joined me in my studio later this afternoon and played some of this favorite soulful sounds while I was up on the ladder painting. Thank you, James Taylor, painter and singer and fellow gallery artist for the nice music.

Faux Brick Mural at the Emporium Center
Mural Progress


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