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An Artistic Brick Layer

I have begun painting the faux brickwork on the back wall of my studio. I have done several wall murals throughout my years, so I knew this would be a time commitment.

I photographed several of the walls and the unusual configurations and conditions of the old brick throughout the Emporium Center

. I want to stay true to the "oldness" of the brickwork, but don't want a dilapidated look.

The past few days, I have laid in the mottled-looking background with a round folk art brush and a sponge. I'm using Latex paint with an eggshell finish and a Latex paint extender which helps to keep the paint from drying as quickly.

Dabbing on the background

While in the process of adding paint, I am getting used to my new surroundings. The Emporium Building is full of liveliness and activity. I was listening to some news from my phone for the first part of my morning, but before long I was hearing some music. The Emporium is also home to a space for Knoxville Symphony Orchestra Members, and I suppose there was some type of rehearsal going on. I hear people coming and going. I have met a few of my fellow artists and have been made to feel very welcomed in this new space.

By Sunday afternoon, I began painting bricks. I had drawn on a skeleton grid so that my bricks would be straight. I used a cut out pattern to draw the brick shapes in the typical brick laying pattern.

Like any hard working bricklayer, my shoulders were tired after several hours of painting and I needed a break.

I'll be back at it Monday morning. My projection is that I will have this done by April 20.

Mural progression at my studio
Bricklaying, artistically speaking


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