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6 Months Later

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

I have been in my new studio for 6 months now. It is a priviledge to go to the studio on a daily basis and work on my art. Some days in The Emporium Center are quiet and I paint all day without much of a pause. On other days, a variety of folks who happen to be in downtown Knoxville will stop by and chat for a bit. I have new friends among the other working artists at the Emporium. Liza and Suzanne, who manage the Emporium galleries have been a pleasure to get to know.

I remain focused on my desire to create Cityscape Art. I find that the artistic image of a location can invoke delight, remeberance, sentimentality, and a variety of other emotions in the viewer. A young lady that was visiting my studio/gallery commented that her parents had gotten engaged under a certain street lamp that was a part of one of my Old City, Knoxville paintings. Other folks will happily point out an aspect of a painting where a special event occured. I enjoy capturing the excitment of outdoor cafes, city streets and old architecture.

During this upcoming year, the City of Knoxville is replacing the ramps on Jackson Avenue, one of which runs along the north side of the Emporium building. The completion of the ramps and continued development in that area of downtown Knoxville will enhance the already vibrant downtown art community.

The First Friday Art Walks have been a highlight. Each first Friday of every month, the Art Walk draws many visitors to the downtown galleries, including the Emporium Center. New art, live music, food and drink are all around. I've been pleased to welcome in many new visitors to my studio and gallery. I have new art every month as well as art that I have done through the years. It is fun to see how my painting styles have changed.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. I hope you can come and visit soon.


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