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2018 Knoxville Cityscape Art on Display

The 2018 Knoxville Cityscapes have been hung at The Tomato Head on Historic Market Square and will be there throughout the month of December. Market Square is one of, if not the best, destination in Knoxville with the charm of the old architecture and local signage. There are numerous local business and eateries. Plus, there is ice skating on the Square at the Holiday Ice Rink that is assembled every December.

I had room to hang 12 of my 22 x 22 inch framed Cityscapes as well as the larger framed 28 x 40 inch painting of Market Square. I also had room to fit in some of my smaller Where Squares which are painted on 12 x 12 inch panels. All of these original watercolor paintings are available for purchase.

My long ago elementary school friend, Mike, bought an original Where Square of the Market Square Bell that I painted last year. I am so happy that he will have this painting on his office wall. Several of my friends from Avoca Elementary School in Bristol, Tennessee ( also Bluff City Junior High and Sullivan East High School) live here in Knoxville now and we are fortunate to be able to get together and talk about all of the fun times from the past and also about the joys of aging since we all passed a certain age milestone this year.

Prints of all of my paintings are also available. I put together my own small matted prints. Larger prints I have professionally printed using the website

Thank you to the generous owners of The Tomato Head for allowing local artist to display their work.

Also, thank you to my son, daughter, and husband who willingly helped me to get my art inside and hung late on a Sunday night after the last customer had left for the evening.


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